Hikers: $50,000 Job Available

ron at PNT rock

Thursday, May 12, 2016

    I founded the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA) in 1976.  During the next forty years our 1200-mile trail progressed from a pie-in-the-sky vision to a Congressionally-mandated national scenic trail.  Even today only eleven such official, long distance routes exist.  We’ve racked up a remarkable record.  But this year we need to focus on the governance of our non-profit group.

     I am writing to ask you to spread the word about ourSEARCH for someone to become our next executive director.  The job pays $50,000 per year.  The deadline for applications is May 15.

    If you know a youngish person with the requisite skills and experience, please encourage her or him to apply ASAP.  I say a “youngish person” not because of age bias (after all I am 73 myself) but because I want the successful candidate to remain on the job for many years to develop a wealth of contacts.  A national scenic trail is by definition a very long term project and needs a steady hand for the duration of the journey.

     Please help to make the PNT’s next fifty years even more memorable than the first.

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