The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail


  • Length: 1,200 miles
  • Location: Glacier National Park, MT to Cape Alava, WA
  • Connects: Continental Divide to Pacific Ocean
  • History: Founded by Ron Strickland in 1970. Congressionally designated a National Scenic Trail in 2009.
  • The Pacific Northwest Trail Association

The Pacific Northwest Trail Guide (2001)

This guide is available as a free, downloadable, searchable .pdf if you sign up for the free Ron Strickland Newsletter. This 400-page, "congressional route" PNT guidebook details the trail  that we volunteers developed over several decades to offer you the maximum in scenery and adventure.

Full documentary by 2015 thru-hiker Money $hot a.k.a. Alex Maier

Pacific Northwest Trail Resources

Pacific Northwest Trail Digest: Trail Tips and Navigation Notes (2020). 

This book will guide you to every campsite, water resource, and resupply point on your trek.

Tim Youngbluth updates his book annually with information from the previous year’s hikers. 

The Pacific Northwest Trail Town Guide. (2020)

This is an essential planning resource for hikers and long-distance hikers of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The book is chock-full of details about what towns are along the trail, where to re-supply, and the necessary town resources the hiker will need for his/her town stay. Motels, restaurants, grocery stores, best bakeries, brew pubs, and pizza on the trail – it’s all in this handy guide.

Town maps showing the location of critical services are included to help the hiker orient himself/herself in each town.

Written By: Melanie Simmerman

Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams (2012)

Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams tells the story of Chris Townsend’s walk along the 1200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail, which runs from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean through the states of Montana, Idaho and Washington. This is a wilderness route which much challenging terrain and remote country inhabited by bears and wolves.

America’s Great Hiking Trails. (2014) 

There is a lovely chapter about the Pacific Northwest Trail.  The Vail Daily newspaper listed this book as one of 2014's ten best books. 

“Beautifully illustrated and meticulously detailed, this is every hiker’s dream book. It follows the 11 of America’s historic long-distance trails including the Continental Divide Trail running through Montana to New Mexico. A wonderful coffee table book, Berger and Smith detail specific needs for hikers, while inspiring them with breathtaking photography and flawless storytelling. This is a perfect bucket list for hikers of all ages.”

The Pacific Northwest Trail Guide.  (2001) 

This 400-page PNT guidebook details the congressional route that volunteers (beginning in 1970) devised over several decades to offer the maximum in scenery and adventure.

This guide is out of print, but if you sign up for the newsletter you will receive a free PDF download of the whole book! You can sign up here